Wedding FunPacks (pack of 15)

The FunPad Package comprises 600 table-top double sided coloured sheets full of games, jokes, puzzles & activities.  These tear-off sheets cost as little as .10c.     The Package also comes with 120 crayons , 12 coloured tumblers and all in a convenient storage case.

Each FunPad Package has 3 themed Pads; SeasideSpace City and Woodland, designed to keep children aged from 4 upwards occupied and entertained.

Remember.”If they linger longer they will spend more”

Wedding FunPacks (pack of 15)


The Wedding FunPack is the perfect solution to keeping children at weddings occupied and entertained. Each pack is loaded with lots of wedding themed activities, puzzles and games that will ensure that your special day can go as planned without any other extra worries.

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What you get:

  • A case of 15 Wedding FunPacks
  • Each wedding FunPack contains 16 fun and educational activities and puzzles which include colour by number, number and word games, jokes and anagrams
  • 4 pack of coloured wax crayons inside every FunPack (Certified non-toxic)
  • Free delivery in Ireland


  • Depth 12mm
  • Height 120mm
  • Width 120mm